Specially designed for professionals, with a huge capacity and technological performances.

Easy attached to the tractor, Standard 540rpm.

Closed collecting hopper.

A big wear-resistant flexicoil roller pick up easly rope plastic...

Fast cleaning of algae.

It confirms the professional nature of the Matador and it is capable of all kinds of cleaning.

Technical data
Capacity screen surface +6m2
Operating cleaning width 2200mm
Cleaning depth up to 0-250mm
Overall length 5400mm
Width 2320mm
Height 2155mm
Size of tires 500/50-17
Weight 2720kg
Unloading height 2.50m
Hopper capacity circa 2.5m3
Power take-off shaft speed max 540rpm
Tractor power 85-180 hp
Tractor hydraulics 3 double-acting circuits
Cleaning capacity 25000m2/h
All specifications are subject to change without notice

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