Unique maintenance-free pick roller.

Particularly suitable for cleaning plastics.

Extra long screening belts in different available sizes.

Unloading height of +2.0m

Connect to third-point lifting system tractor. Hydraulic pump direct to PTO tractor with safety ring.

Homologation for road travel. Cat. S1a

Technical data
Capacity screen surface +3.1m2
Operating cleaning width 1500mm
Cleaning depth up to 0-200mm
Overall length 4380mm
Width 2010mm
Height 1480mm
Size of tires 31x15.50-15 4pr LG 306 (792mmx391mm)
Weight Circa 1480kg
Unloading height +2.0m
Hopper capacity circa 0.75m3
Power take-off shaft speed max 540rpm
Tractor power 55-80 hp
Tractor hydraulics 2 double-acting circuits min 180 bar
Cleaning capacity 5000m2/h
Tail light 12V/DC LED
Transmission fully hydraulic
Cleaning system Unique maintenance-free pick roller particularly suitable for cleaning plastics
Galvanize with standard 2 component painting Yellow RAL 1007 / Grey RAL 7021
Connect to third-point lifting system tractor Hydraulic pump direct to PTO tractor with safety ring
All specifications are subject to change without notice

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