Mobile and precise

The "Beachcleaner Junior" is extremely suitable for small beaches. Perfectly usable for cleaning around sunshades, beach cabins, lakes, etc.


Cost-effective beach maintenance

The Supra is perfectly usable for cleaning both dry and wet sand. Smaller investments that make it possible to keep beaches flawlessly clean by machine.

Supra XW

Supra's big sister

With Supra XW no changes were made to the design, except for the compact measurements. That's why the use of smaller tractors is possible for providing top performances.


A strong Belgian Draft horse

Beachcleaner Matador is specially designed for professionals, with a huge capacity and technological performances and specific supplies of which the quality and the user-friendliness have been remarkably improved.


Large beach

The Beachcleaner Mega confirms its professional nature and is capable of all kinds of cleaning. Efficient cleaning of large beaches.


Specialized for removing large objects

The Beachcleaner WDH for efficient cleaning during the winter time. This will make the start into the summer season much easier.

Junior XL

Cleaning up the beaches

Plastic bags and single-use water bottles, old clothes, unloved toys, plastic chairs and even small plastics and cigarette butts.